Alright, so I just bought a 2014 Dodge Dart SE with the 2.slow motor and a 6 speed manual and 45K miles. The sales department told service it needed a new clutch because the sales rep didn't understand the concept of a hydraulic assisted clutch and its super easy to press in with the darts which is why he told them that. Service said it didn't need a new clutch, sales told them to replace it anyway. New clutch free of charge, can't really complain right? Well now I'm having a problem with it. Here's the problem, if I'm not moving at all, and the E brake is on and I put in the clutch, and put it into gear for a few seconds and then put it back into neutral and let the clutch out, at around 3/4 of the clutch coming out and engaging neutral it makes a popping noise, no movement or anything just an audible almost clunk or knuckle popping sound. This only happens if the tranny has been in gear. If I leave it in neutral and disengage then engage the clutch again it doesn't make the sound at all no matter how many times I do it. Here's the real issue I'm having with this, the sound is even more pronounced and very audible when the car is in reverse and I'm actually moving, no noise on engagement of the clutch but as soon as I disengage the clutch from reverse it makes the sound but even louder, and it makes the sound twice almost every time. The sound is even sometimes there when I start moving in first gear, only on engagement but it's definitely there, sometimes starting from a stop in first will actually make a popping noise that I'm able to feel throughout the car, the feeling of it is very faint but it's there. I know it's mechanical and I know it's somewhere with the clutch or tranny making that noise. No sound what so ever when the car is off other than the clicking of gears when selecting them, which tells me the sound is coming from something that's spinning or at least moving while the car is on. I can shift through gears just fine and the clutch grabs just fine and it seems to operate like it should other than the process of shifting through the lower gears in the city feels a bit off.. not quite as solid as I would expect this new of a car to be. I've done tons of research and have scoured forums galore trying to find an answer and the closest thing I can find to the same symptoms as this is the input shaft bearing going out. But I'm not entirely sure. Just looking for an answer more specific to my issue. Maybe I'm being too critical, maybe this is normal operation and I'm just being paranoid but I just want to know for sure.