The Teacher Education program is a consecutive two-year full-time program beginning in September, and concluding 20 months later in April with a Bachelor of Education.

It affords you a unique opportunity to gain the theoretical and practical skills needed to teach in English-language elementary or secondary schools and be recommended for certification by the Ontario College of Teachers.

These skills include setting educational objectives, designing and evaluating curricula, and planning creative and innovative lessons for 21st century classrooms.

You complete two placements in schools (practica), for a total of 80-to-90 days of school-based teaching experience. You also participate in community service learning placements that extend your learning outside the classroom setting (e.g., in national museums, international venues or early childhood education settings).

Unijos Teacher Education

The Teacher Education program is divided into three divisions: Primary/Junior (kindergarten to Grade 6), Junior/Intermediate (Grade 4 to 10) and Intermediate/Senior (Grade 7 to 12).

In all three divisions, you learn necessary educational theory and explore relevant research that enables you to prepare future citizens for the social, economic and technological demands of the knowledge economy.

These multidisciplinary undergraduate programs are the only ones of their kind in Canada. Courses cover theories of language acquisition, as well as second language learning and teaching, and explore the relationships between language, culture and society.

What’s more, when you graduate, if you want to work as a second language teacher and you meet the admission requirements of the Faculty of Education, a limited number of places are reserved for you in the Teacher Education (BEd) program. Several graduate program options are also available.

• A three-year undergraduate degree from a recognized university
• Minimum average of 70% on your top 20 single-term (or equivalent) undergraduate courses
• Relevant experience
• Proof of English proficiency (if applicable)
• French language proficiency test (for the FSL option)
• Course requirements for the division or teaching subjects, as applicable:

Primary/Junior (P/J) level:
We recommend that applicants have successfully completed at least one single term university course in each of the following five subject groupings: English/Linguistics/Languages, Mathematics/Statistics, Physical Sciences/Life Sciences, Social Sciences/Humanities, Visual Arts/Music/Drama.

Primary/Junior French as a Second Language option (P/J FSL):
In addition to the recommended courses above, you must have completed six one-term (or equivalent) university courses, for example, in French language or French literature.

Junior/Intermediate (J/I) level:
Six courses to support your teaching subject

Intermediate/Senior (I/S) level:
Ten courses to support your first teaching subject and six courses to support your second teaching subject. For more information, visit the Faculty of Education website to View the Admission guidelines.