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"He got back in position [with adjust against Josesito Lopez]," said Bradley. "I think he edges Pacquiao out. He [Thurman] has size, and he has quality. He has great hand speed, and a decent battling style. He's an incredible counter puncher, and he has great punching power. He can fend off his back foot, and approach. He has all that it takes to beat a person like Manny Pacquiao, who is 41-years of age. Would I be able to not be right? Better believe it, this is boxing. It's okay in case I'm off-base. Thurman is my pick," Bradley said.

There's still a great deal of discussion out there whether Thurman is completely back after only one check up in the wake of being out of the ring for a long time from 2017 to 2019. Thurman looked blurred in his rebound battle against Josesito Lopez last January, and that wasn't simply ring rust that he appeared. Once appeared as though he had crumbled in a manner that was past ring rust, and he's most likely not going to have the option to shake that off the manner in which corroded warriors do. Bradley's right about Thurman being greater than Pacquiao, and conceivably more grounded than him. The age that Thurman showed against Lopez will be unimaginable for him to shake off except if he can invert the maturing procedure by one way or another, on the grounds that he won't overwhelm Manny.

"On the off chance that there's any counsel to give Thurman, it's avoid his left hand," said Bradley. "Try not to get hit with the left hand. The steadiness and heart of Manny Pacquiao, it's quite serious. You may think you got him, and he rises. He raises his game, and takes it to another level. So you must be prepared for that, since he's never going to quit attempting. He will be there throughout the night until you thump him out. Obviously, Thurman won't be the equivalent [fighter he was two years back in 2017]. He's been out for quite a while, brother. He endured wounds. He had his check up battle [against Josesito Lopez]. At times it take a warrior to be in a genuine test to get up for a battle," said Bradley.

It's more difficult than one might expect for Bradley to advise Thurman to stay away from Pacquiao's left hand for the whole battle, since Filipino star is unreasonably snappy for One Time to keep away from that shot throughout the entire battle. Except if Thurman keeps running from Manny as he did in the second 50% of his battle against Lopez, he will get hit with his left, and he could get injured. Pacquiao will be stacking up more on his shots against Thurman than he's done in his ongoing battles, since he needs to settle the score with him for all the talking he's done of late about sending him into retirement. In the event that Pacquiao can hurt Thurman the way Lopez did, it will be hard for Keith to endure.

"I think Thurman will get up for the battle. There's no uncertainty," said Bradley. "He gets an opportunity to beat a legend in the game, an eight division title holder. He gets an opportunity to beat him, and take every one of those honors and put it on his resume. So this is a significant battle for him. In addition, on the off chance that he loses the battle, they're going to state, 'Ah, you can't beat a 40-year-old Manny Pacquiao too.' He will get that reaction too over this. I'm picking Thurman. It's a 50-50 battle, however I think Thurman has enough, and he'll make sense of it in there. He's an extremely, savvy contender, man," said Bradley.


Pacquiao vs Thurman Live Stream Free Online
Pacquiao vs Thurman Live Stream Free
Pacquiao vs Thurman Live Stream
Pacquiao vs Thurman Live
Pacquiao vs Thurman