Hi, I'm new to the group seeking help with our Dart. It has the 1.4L Turbo (Fiat) engine and an automatic Transmission. Is that Transmission made by Dodge or Fiat? And does anyone know what would have it leaking a lot of fluid from between the trans and engine? Is there anything other than the main seal that could be causing a significant leak. Almost comes out as fast as you put it in. Not quite, but if running, it is really leaking heavily.

I am also wondering about where to get the Transmission serviced at in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area. Seems like my loacal Dodge Dealer knows little to nothing about these cars. So don't have a lot of confidence in them working on it. If it is a Fiat Transmission, maybe I would be better off taking it to a Fiat dealer??

Thanks for the help.