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Dodge Dart with a red...
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Dodge Dart Production to end in Sept 2016

Jul 17, 2016 - 6:59 PM - by nycalisrt
nycalisrt's Avatar
Well folks...its over for the Dart in September 2016. The last Darts will be produced and then thats it for the Dart. No other investment will be made. So if anyone was thinking of getting a Dart, this is your last chance. Talk to your dealer about ordering one. I'm not sure if this is still possible or not.
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Love Cars? Then Youíll Love These Amazon Prime Day Deals

Jul 12, 2016 - 4:32 PM - by


Looking to stock up on some of your favorite automotive accessories? Well today is the day to do it.

July 12 is Amazon Prime Day, when prices are slashed on a selection of items, making it a great time to buy at bargain prices. For 24 hours, tons of deals will come and go, but there is a catch: you have to be an Amazon Prime member.

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Take a look at the list below to see some of the best automotive-themed accessories we dug up that may interest you. And donít forget to browse all of the great Prime Day deals.
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6 Things You Need to Get Your Car Running Smoothly

Jul 04, 2016 - 4:15 PM - by

There was a time when cars needed a comprehensive tune-up every 10,000 miles, or they wouldnít run properly.

Todayís cars are much less maintenance intensive, but there are still bits and pieces that, when faulty, can keep your car from running its best. And when itís running its best, itís not only delivering the most horsepower, but also the best fuel economy (depending on how you use the go-pedal). Here are six parts you might want to replace to get your car running smoothly again.

Engine Air Filter

Engines work by mixing air and gasoline together for combustion. Air comes in through a filter (sometimes known as an air cleaner), and when that filter gets clogged with dirt ó as it inevitably will ó your engine is, literally, unable to breathe. Air filters are inexpensive and usually very easy to change; itís a two-minute job in most cars. Paper air filters are the most common and the cheapest, but a reusable air cleaner (which can be cleaned) reduces landfill waste and can provide better airflow.

Find the right engine air filter here.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are charged with the job of igniting the fuel and air. At highway speeds, most spark plugs will be doing this job around 15 times per second, and while modern ignition systems help plugs live longer, they will still eventually wear out. Changing plugs requires an insulated socket (included with most socket sets) and a careful hand so as not to strip the threads, but itís an easy and inexpensive job, and the appearance of the plugs can give a good indication as to the health of your engine. Make sure you get plugs that fit your engine.

Find the right set of spark plugs for your ride here.

Spark Plug Wires

In order to do their job, spark plugs need a good jolt of electricity, which is delivered by the plug wires. But these wires live in miserable conditions, asked as they are to wind around hot and vibrating engine components. Sooner or later, those wires will wear out: Their insulation will crack or their conductors will come loose, and they will be unable to deliver adequate power to the plugs. A new set of wires restores the flow of juice, and they can usually be installed without tools. As with most parts, the wires are specific to your car, so include your year, make and model when searching.

Find a new set of spark plug wires for your car here.

Distributor Cap and Rotor

The distributor is a whirlygig that literally distributes the high-voltage jolt to each of the spark plug wires, firing the plug. Inside the distributor, a rotor spins around and carries the juice, while the distributor cap holds the terminals that lead to the wires. Needless to say, all that spinning and distributing causes them to wear out. Not all cars use distributors ó some have a distributorless ignition system ó but those that do will need the cap and rotor replaced periodically, usually when you change the plug wires.

Source a new distributor cap and rotor here.

PCV Valve

PCV stands for positive crankcase ventilation. Engines are filled with oil, and they tend to churn up a mist of oil. Time was when this oil mist was vented to the atmosphere, but modern cars have a valve that sucks up this oil mist and burns it in the engine, reducing pollution. When the PCV valve gets clogged, it can affect the carís ability to run smoothly. This is an easy check: Find your PCV valve, remove it and shake it up and down (along the line of the valve body). If it rattles, itís good. If it doesnít, replace it.

Find a new PCV valve for your car today.

Cabin Air Filter

Technically, the cabin filter wonít help your car run better, but it will help you breathe easier. Most modern cars have an air filter for the air conditioning system, and when itís clogged, it restricts airflow to the whole system (and makes the blower work harder). Most cars have their cabin filters located in a fairly easy to access spot in the dash or behind the glovebox. Change it when you change your engine air filter and both you and your car can breathe easy.

Find a new cabin air filter here.

The Wise Guide team writes about things we think youíll like, introducing you to great products, services and special deals. We do have affiliate partnerships, so we may earn revenue from the products and services you buy.
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The Dodge Viper is Dead

Jun 21, 2016 - 11:37 PM - by


Although it was expected, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has made it official: Dodge Viper production will end in 2017.

To celebrate both the 25th anniversary and final year of production of the Dodge Viper, the brand has released a set of five special edition cars. Beginning on June 24, all of five of these special edition models will be available for purchase as 2017 model year vehicles.

Kicking off these special edition models is the Viper 1:28 Edition ACR, which commemorates the ACRís lap record at Laguna Seca Raceway which sits at 1:28.65. Features on this car include ACR stripes, the extreme aero package, carbon ceramic brakes, 1:28 Edition badging, red accent stitching and a custom car cover that matches the carís exterior paint. There will be 28 1:28 Edition cars available for purchase.

The Viper GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR pays tribute to the most iconic Viper paint job: white with blue stripes, introduced on the 1998 Viper GTS-R GT2 Championship Edition. This car includes the extreme aero package, carbon ceramic brakes, exterior carbon package, red stryker decal, USAflag decals on the b-pillar, red seatbelts, a serialized instrument panel and a custom car cover. 100 examples of this car will be available.

The Viper VooDoo II Edition resembles the original 2010 Viper VooDoo Edition, coming with a graphite metallic stripe with red tracer outline, carbon ceramic brakes, the extreme aero package, VooDoo II badges, silver accent stitching inside and a custom car cover. Just 31 of these units will be made available.

A new Snakeskin Green color has been introduced for the next special edition model, the Skakeskin Edition GTC. It receives the advanced aero package, a GT black interior, a serialized instrument penal with a Snakeskin badge, and a customer car cover that shows the customerís name on the driverís side door. Just 25 units of this special edition will be made available.

Finally we have the Dodge Dealer Edition ACR, which can only be bought at the two highest volume Viper dealers in the US: Tomball Dodge of Tomball, Texas, and Roanoke Dodge of Roanoke, Ill. This car is finished in white with a blue stripe, a red driverís seat, carbon ceramic brakes, the extreme aero package, the ACR interior with red stitching and of course, a custom car cover. Just 33 units of this special edition will be built.

The life of the Viper will come to an end in 2017, though rumor has it that a new model may be on its way, though we may have to wait a little while.
Read more about The Dodge Viper is Dead at
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Detailing suggestions on

Jun 21, 2016 - 3:12 PM - by Dartgirl22
My dart had black cloths seats with two silver strips down the middle! They need cleaned desperately but don't want to ruin the cloth or the stripes they are a swayed material! Any suggestions?
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