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Are there any...
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Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Jun 18, 2015 - 2:05 PM - by


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Long time lurker pulled the trigger and well heres my exp.

Jun 03, 2015 - 1:04 AM - by blusrt
Picked up a 2013 limited with a 1.4 6 speed manual. Used 35400 miles
About 3 different times last friday night it would not let me shift into first or second and or damn near break it to get it to go to the left to go up or down.
All from a dead stop clutch fully depressed.

Anyone have that problem? Or know anything about it?
When I use to wrench that would be a bad slave or failing clutch or a mix ect ect. But i know these 1.4 s have like a hundred pcm updates n such.

So took it back to dealer sat. They replaced the master cylinder and tps.
I went to pick it up yesterday and it was doing it again. The tech and i went for a ride but he couldn't reproduce it. I have 2 videos showing what its doing but no one was interested. (manager , director ect.) theres 3 vidz now and about 10 more others i have.
Even tho the tech and i swapped spots sat and i go it to do it right in front of him.

So today they call and tell me there's nothing they can do and consider it normal operation condition. because they couldn't reproduce it mean while dudes shoving it into gear.

Then the used sales mng tells me that pretty much im crazy and the tech had said something along the lines of he(me) needs a auto the way he drives a stick. and the service manager said i need to be starting from 2nd then into first for the syncros lol wow. Behinde my back mind you.
oh and the tech was down shifting into 2nd and first to decel and stop i was like dont do that to first . also when i was driving for the tech he was like why do you shake it like that your trying to get it to mess up i was like do you not wiggle it to see if your in neutral? I've driving a stick for over 15 yrs from a tractor to a full blown track car to a 18 speed.
They have all written me off pretty much so i dont know what to do at this point but lawyer up.

And this is a car i bought used last Friday with a certified warranty from Hall dodge Va beach Still under 35k on it . Well this is why i dont buy used anymore.

Any help or advice would be great.

Oh and hi everybody.
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